Mr Zux Ftg Zenya “Bring It Back”

‘He Is Back’ One of the most colourful and unique looking videos. It is Mr Zux’s first for the year 2012 and first 3D video. Zux is letting the fans know that he is not lost in the shuffle, he is still here doing it for them. Big Ups to Avene the man behind the camera who did some great work on this video. big up to the Songstress Zenya for laying be nice vocals as usual ..and not to forget my cousin “The Good Shepherd”..who worked hard behind the scenes and provided encouragement.

The video was initially shot in a proper green screen studio but we ended up not using the initial footage because the lighting was not very good. My man Avene and I made a decision to re shoot the video at Avene’s house on the blue screen. Avene had to purchase some serious lighting equipment. It was shot in a day and the rest was history. The challenge was to get Zenya in there. We had to get her to shoot separately in New York and send the footage to be blended in. Avene already had the Idea on how to jell the footage together and the results speak for themselves. I hope you enjoy.


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      Mzee…Umezimia Naona…Good Stuff…Thanx for the feedback

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